“It only took 5 minutes to go live, and stay live for hours.”

Tarun Nayar, Executive Director of 5X Festival

Livestreams are more common than ever, but they can be passive and unremarkable. Event producers need fun and unique livestreams that don't require expensive equipment and technical expertise.

Why stream with incrowd?

Engaging, multi-cam experience

You decide which cameras to set up and and then your audience takes control and moves back and forth between the perspectives that inspire them.

Easy, low-barrier setup

All of your perspectives are powered via a simple mobile app that festival staff can use on phones with no expensive hardware required.

Live chat

Engage with your audience during your event and watch them point out the exciting moments happening across the different perspectives.

incrowd also provides events with:

Revenue Opportunities

Provide sponsored angles to brands or charge for a premium experience


Understand your audience's viewing habits and how they engaged with your content

Repurpose Content

All your streamed content is owned by you and available for you to access and use later

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