Frequently Asked Questions

How do I film on my iPhone?

1. Ensure you have Testflight downloaded on your iPhone
2. Follow this link on your iOS device:
3. Open Testflight, and see the “Incrowd” app available for download. Download it.

How do I film on my Android?

1. Download the most recent APK File (Linked here)

How do I use the Incrowd app?

1. Open the Incrowd app on your phone.
2. Enter the 6-digit access code provided by the Incrowd team. 
3. Slide the ‘Start Event’ slider to the right to activate the event. If you don’t do this, no perspectives will go live/be visible for your audience. 
4. Select a perspective. 
5. The “Soundboard” perspective will be where your audio comes from. 
6. Select “Start streaming with phone camera”Tap the record button to go live. 

How do I set up the sound/audio source?

The “Soundboard” perspective will be where your audio comes from. 
1. Connect the 1/4" ports on the iRig to one of the output ports on the soundboard (The connection would depend on what the soundboard generally being either an xlr or 1/4")
2. Use the right connection cable to connect the iRig to the phone of choice
3. Open incrowd and enter your show login details
4. Select the Soundboard perspective and start streaming
5. Ensure that you use the level controller on the iRig to either increase or lower the output of the signal

How do I film with a GoPro?

1. After selecting the perspective you'd like to film, select “I’m Streaming with a GoPro
2. The RTMP key will be automatically copied to your clipboard
3. Open the GoPro Quik app
4. Use the GoPro tab and tap the Control your GoPro button
5. Once connected to your GoPro switch to Live mode to Set Up Live
6. Paste your RTMP key from above into the RTMP/Other field and optionally any other settings as necessary
7. Tap the Go Live button to go live.

Further instructions provided by GoPro

What are some things I should consider as an event organizer?


1. Test at least an hour ahead of the event. During sound check is best.

2. Strong LTE connection or Wifi for phones who are filming. A dedicated Wifi network is best, one that isn’t used by event attendees.WiFi over 30mbs will suffice.

3. Prevent your phone from sleeping — if your phone goes to sleep, your stream will end. You can manage this in the “Display & Brightness” of your iPhone by turning your Auto-Lock to “Never”.

4. Having a tripod or another way to steady the phone being used to film any major perspectives is recommended.

5. The quality of the stream is as good as the camera it’s filmed with. Incrowd recommends iPhone 7 or higher and an Android 9 and up. 

6. For better quality sound, we recommend using an iRig or an iStream to connect your phone to the soundboard. 

7. Have charging capabilities ready for your devices. Especially for a GoPro, as their batteries can drain easily with high quality stream and are prone to further loss in hot or cold weather conditions.